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Providing outstanding service on a consistent basis is hard work that can easily go unnoticed. In 1989, the Vancouver Hospitality Awards Program was established to ensure that the accomplishments of the front line service providers were recognized.

This program has come a long way in the 23 years since its inception. The program has been renamed, Vancouver Tourism Awards, with its name, graphic and tag line Rewarding Service Excellence all trademarked.  Now the largest annual industry event in Vancouver, the annual gala draws a crowd of over 800 guests.

The Vancouver Tourism Awards Program is the only registered non-profit society in Vancouver that publicly recognizes outstanding service by an independent, volunteer tourism partnership.

The Vancouver Tourism Awards Program is FREE
and one of the most effective ways to reward employee performance.


The mandate of the Vancouver Tourism Awards Program is to recognize service excellence in the tourism, hospitality and service industries, by selecting and publicly identifying persons who have demonstrated superior service to Vancouver’s 8+ million annual visitors.

During the course of the year, ballots are distributed through Rocky Mountaineer’s on board publication. As well, individual ballots can be found at over 130 locations around the city through attractions, hotels, and information centres. Visitors are also encouraged to complete a ballot online. Employers are urged to submit letters of praise and emails from visitors and the office of the Vancouver Tourism Awards accepts letters from visitors as well.

With an average of over 210 nominations received each month, quadrupling in numbers during the summer months, each pay tribute to front line tourism staff. The selection committee is made up of representatives from the sponsoring organizations that review the ballots and choose a monthly winner. A presentation ceremony is then organized and coordinated with Vancouver City Hall in order to have the Deputy Mayor present a City of Vancouver Coat of Arms medal along with a Certificate of Achievement signed by His Worship Mayor Gregor Robertson. Representatives from the sponsoring organizations attend, bearing gifts for a lively 30-minute presentation and photo shoot.

Every employee who receives a nomination will receive a certificate to acknowledge his or her efforts. These personalized certificates are sent to the employer, to be presented to the nominee(s). This will surely motivate other staff members to strive for similar recognition.