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April 2018 winner Max Curzon-Price with Acting Mayor Raymond Louie

2018 April Winner

Max Curzon-Price

Fairmont Pacific Rim

We are visiting Vancouver from Paris.  The evenening before heading out on the whale watching tour, we decided to have some drinks at the Botanist bar.  We were greeted by this wonderful young man called Max.  We shared our plans with him and after ordering one of thier famous Deep Cove Cocktails, he explained the story behind the cocktail and its connection to the ocean.  A few moments after expressing our concern about if we would see any Orcas on our tour, Max came out with an Orca that he made out of a cucumber and placed it in the cocktail!  "Like this we are sure that you will have the opportunity of seeing an Orca during your visit here!"  That is truly OUTSTANDING service, creativity and attention to detail.  THANK YOU MAX!!!

--Valerie, Paris

Max truly went above and beyond all of my expectations for the moment we took a seat at the bar of Botanist.  Not only was he outstanding in his profession, friendly, attentive, genuine and personal, he actually took the time to notice my personal interest.  I am very environmentally concious, vegan and I really do care and try my best to make this world a betterr place than it is today.  What Max did was that he made sure I was having the same outstanding experience as my friends by incorporating new vegan options into the cocktails.  He then took one of thier straws (that is fully compostable, made out of corn) and shared the story behind how it works and how it isn't a hazard for the environment as plastic straws are.  He shared all of the details with me about the straws as I wanted to present it and incorporate them at my workplace.  He demonstrated how it dissolves in hot beverages and how they have metal/glass instead.  He went into a discussion with me about it and we couldn't agree more with each other about the importance of changing plastic straws to other alternatives.  Thank you Max for a lovely and truly memorable evening and thank you for taking one step in making the environment better!