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Vancouver Tourism Awards:

Rewarding Service Excellence

Celebrating excellence in customer service since 1989, the Vancouver Tourism Awards Program is a registered, non-profit society that honours and rewards the people who make our city shine. In partnership with Vancouver sponsors, our tourism awards program recognizes our hard-working industry employees’ outstanding accomplishments.

Every month, we collect more than 300 nominations and choose one Vancouver Tourism Awards winner to be acknowledged at a monthly presentation. The Vancouver Tourism Awards Gala Breakfast takes place every fall to honour our monthly winners and all nominees from the past year.

Participation in Vancouver Tourism Awards Program is free - it doesn’t cost you a thing to nominate someone who did a stand-up job! Pay a good deed forward and nominate someone today!

Inspiring Stories

  • After an extremely difficult evening of travel and heartbreak, I made contact with Kareem via the telephone. We were travelling with our dog so to find a hotel at that time of night that accepted dogs was quite a challenge. Upon inquiring, Kareem replied ‘No we only take elephants.’ Needless to say, I was stunned at first due to my zombie like state - however, we laughed and he injected some much needed laughter into my night. He honestly lightened my mood 100 times over. He should be recognized for his personality, sense of humour and willingness to help when he has the opportunity.

    - Nicoles, Prince Rupert
  • We were stranded in Stanley Park in the rain both of us with mobility issues and unable to get a taxi. Enda cam back after she finished work to check on us, make sure we were ok and then drove us back to our hotel.

    - Joyce, Ontario
  • I have had to stay at the hotel for several months now during the week. I wish to recognize my housekeeper Cai as she is absolutely amazing. She is very personable, kind, caring and attentive to my needs and little quirks. She makes me feel like this is my home. It’s like a little community. I feel very welcome and special. Excellent service! Above and beyond attitude. Love her!

    - Candace, Coquitlam
  • After I left Vancouver, I realized I forgot my prescription glasses at a restaurant a few blocks from the Hotel. I spoke with Thomas and he went and picked up the glasses and mailed them to me in California! Very grateful. Way above and beyond.

    - Robert, California