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April 2019 winner Janine Haigh of the Pacific Gateway Hotel with Deputy Mayor Melissa De Genova

2019 April Winner

Janine Haigh

Pacific Gateway Hotel

Janine engaged our table of 8 continously over 2 hours.  Not only did she add great information to assist us in making our decisions, she was super friendly and interested in what "our story" was.  The only way to improve on our evening would have been for Janine to have been able to join us at the table!

--Pauline, Courtenay, BC

This server did a wonderful job!  She took many photo's, very kind hearted, friendly demeanour, willing to help or provide assistance on request.  We were entertaining a family member from Toronto and Janine made a memorable impression on her.

--Kayla, Surrey, BC

Being so friendly and engaging.  She really represents the friendliness and charm of a Canadian server!  She's very efficient with a warm smile.  She clearly loves people!

--Shannon, Kamloops, BC

Being extremely gracous with the kids (including their spills!)  Wonderful service all around.  Super friendly!

--Danielia, Alaska