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vancouver 	tourism student award
Abdoul Said & Deputy Mayor Kerry Jang

December 2008: Abdoul Said, Century Plaza Hotel & Spa

When my daughter needed a wheelchair, Abdoul took us to the hospital. He helped her through the hotel entrance when she was unable to walk. He also gave me a dollar when I needed it. Great work! Nominator’s Name and … read more

Arif Ismail & Deputy Mayor George Chow

November 2008: Arif Ismail, Delta Vancouver Airport Hotel

My wife and I stayed at the Delta Airport Hotel in Richmond, BC from October 27, 2008 to October 31 and would like to recognize Arif- concierge department- for his outstanding service and hospitality. This was our first trip to … read more

Alf Lillie & Deputy Mayor George Chow

October 2008: Alf Lillie, Vancouver Trolley Company

On a one day stopover in Vancouver from England, we wanted to catch the trolley at Stop Eleven. We saw a parked and empty trolley between Bute and Jervis on Robson and waited beside it. Alf saw us and told … read more

Albert Wiebe & Deputy Mayor George Chow

Septemeber 2008: Albert Weibe, Executive Inn Vintage Park

When I discovered that I had not brought enough essential heart medication with me, Mr. Wiebe insisted on taking me to his physician and making sure that I was able to secure a prescription of the medication I needed. His … read more

John Ferrie & Deputy Mayor Time Stevenson

August 2008: John Ferrie, Sequoia Grill at the Teahouse

Last Wednesday August 7th, 2008, my wife and four children had lunch at the Sequoia Grill at the Teahouse. First, we were surprised by getting a very good table out in the terrace 20 minutes earlier than we were promised, … read more

Ingrid Lopez & Deputy Mayor Kim Capri

June 2008: Ingrid Lopez, Holiday Inn Express Metrotown

While visiting Vancouver I wanted to find my grandfather’s grave site. Armed with what little information I had, I approached the Travel Info kiosk in Metrotown Mall. Unfortunately, it was closed and so the only place I could think of … read more

Brent Lawrence & Deputy Mayor Raymond Louie

May 2008: Brent Lawrence, Landsea Tours

I was stranded at Shannon Falls because the Greyhound bus did not stop for me. When I asked Brent to please give me a lift back to Vancouver he made the big effort to ask his supervisor and all the … read more

Maria Jarlego & Deputy Mayor Peter Ladner

April 2008: Maria Jarlego, Holiday Inn & Suites Vancouver Downtown

My name is Jasline Narton and I would like to give recognition to one of your front desk staff, Maria Jarlego. My reason for coming to Vancouver was to attend a family wedding. I drove from Edmonton to Vancouver, about … read more

Paul Britton & Deputy Mayor Suzanne Anton

March 2008: Paul Britton, Hotel Le Soleil

I want to take the opportunity to recognize the outstanding client service we received from Paul Britton, at the front desk Hotel Le Soleil during our visit to Vancouver. Paul greeted us upon our arrival at the hotel and went … read more

Julian Law & Deputy Mayor Elizabeth Ball

February 2008: Julian Law, Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese Gardens

Mr. Law is a fountain of knowledge. It was an honour to meet and learn from him about the beautiful serene garden in the hustle and bustle of Vancouver. Nominator’s Name and Address: Lorraine Chin Broadmeadows Wellington, New Zealand Mr. … read more

Alex Kempenaar & Deputy Mayor Raymond Louie

January 2008: Alex Kempenaar, Best Western Downtown

My name is Wendy Roper and I and my family and friends would like to give some deserved recognition to one of your front desk staff, Alex Kempenaar. Our reason for coming to Vancouver was to attend the 2007 BMO … read more