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December 2017 winner David Sakashita with Councillor Melissa De Genova

2017 December Winner

David Sakashita

Park'N'Fly Vancouver

Thank you Park and Fly YVR. Our truck wouldn't start Friday night, you guys went above and beyond to make sure my wife and I and our granddaughter were not stranded, thank you again.

-- Mike 

To give you a bit more of the story, the customers returned home late night and his truck would not start. It was 2 adults and their grandchild traveling. David tried to arrange the customers a room under our corporate account but the hotel staff could not locate it for some reason. Instead of just leaving it there, David took the next step and reserved the room using his own personal credit card so that the customer and their grandchild had somewhere to sleep for the night. In the morning, we were able to get everything sorted and the customers on their way. 

-- Dwayne, Operations Manager