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December 2018 winner Arif Mahmood with Deputy Mayor Christine Boyle

2018 December Winner

Arif Mahmood

Vancouver Convention Centre

My friend Pady and I parked at the Convention Centre near Guest Services to attend the Christmas Market.  Looking for directions to the market we went in to guest services and discovered that we could borrow a wheelchair for our adventure.  It was a godsend because Pady's mobility is quite limited and having the chair to ride in, and lean on, made her experience very enjoyable.

Everyone we encountered was amazing.  In particular, I wanted to send a special commendation to Arif at Guest Services, who was so caring.  He made sure we got the wheelchair delivered to us with no fuss, no worry and helped Pady into the chair and pushed her to the entrance with great instructions about how to get mobility access to the entrance of the Christmas Market. 

On our way back we encountered Arif again who made sure Pady got safely to and into the car, returning her ID, and ensuring she didn't hit her head on the overhang as she exited the wheel chair.  So professional and such a great ambassador for visitors to the Convention Centre.

--Cathy, BC