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June 2017 winner Lisa Cumming with Deputy Mayor Tim Stevenson

2017 June Winner

Lisa Cumming

Westin Grand Hotel

Last week, shortly after arrival in Vancouver from a cruise, my wife and I met a wonderful human being whoese memory we will always treasure.

Lisa took the time to listen to our travel worries, to all these mundane concerns, frustrations and disappointments that travelers encounter - through no fault of any person in particular - but that were are very real in the weary minds of senior persons such as us. Her genuine concern to assist became evident when she took it upon herself to contact three hotels to resolve our problem. Not only was she very knowledgeable and proficient, but was expertly able to schedule a three day stay, and canceled other hotel reservation without any penalty. This positive can-do attitude went way above what I would call exceptional customer service - it certainly reflected tons of goodwill upon her employer, Westin Grand Hotel, and brought much well-deserved distinction upon herself and her colleagues. 

Because of her kindness and generosity, we will always maintain a favorable and impressive image of what we believe is a true reflection of the excellence, genuine hospitality and wellbeing that was afforded to us by one your representative citizens of Vancouver.  Please give Lisa due consideration for the monthly Vancouver Tourism Award.

--Jose and Ana Sarraga, Fort Lauderdale