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June 2018 winner Katiuska Lopez with Deputy Mayor Heather Deal

2018 June Winner

Katiuska Lopez

Fairmont Waterfront Hotel

I approached Ms. Lopez at the Concierge desk on the 23rd of June for assistance in finding a store that sold Tabi socks.  Ms. Lopez spent some time conducting an internet search for stores that might carry them.  Then she made a number of calls to confirm her findings.  After a number of tries, she was not able to find a supply near the hotel.  I thanked her for trying, and thought that was the end of that.  However I was wrong.  After I left, and on her own time, she continued to track down a source for the Tabi.  On her way home, she stopped and purchased two pairs.  She then returned to the hotel and had them delivered to my room.  This was going above and beyond her regular duties.