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October 2017 winner Alan Zhao with Deputy Mayor Tim Stevenson

2017 October Winner

Alan Zhao

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

I am writing to personally thank you and your staff for the great service they provided me during my stay.  I had severely injured my foot during my trip. Although the injury was not particularly painful, my mobility was significantly impaired. 

I particularly wanted to recognize Alan, who I believe is a member of your housekeeping staff. I was concerned about my ability to get into the shower. I expressed this concern to Alan when he brought a shower chair for my use. He volunteered to stay until he was sure I was safely in the shower, and also volunteered to - and did - return in about 15 minutes to make sure I was safely out. I know this is well beyond anything in the job description, but I can tell you how thankful I was for his concern and for his willingness to do what he did.

Alan, and all of the members of your staff, were empathetic and eger to help.  I was, and am, thankful for thier thoughtfullness and thier assistance.  Your staff have my thanks and are to be commended.