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posted by: Vancouver Tourism Awards on: October 18, 2018

March and April’s winners of the Vancouver Tourism Awards are Max Curzon-Price and Victoria Aganova!
The winner of April’s Vancouver Tourism Award is Max, who is being recognized for his exceptional work as a bartender at the Fairmont Pacific Rim’s Botanist restaurant. The guest who nominated Max was vegan and “environmentally conscious,” and was impressed by how he incorporated “new vegan options into the cocktails.” The guest said he then went a step further, and took “one of their straws (that is fully compostable, made out of corn) and shared the story behind how it works, how it isn’t a hazard for the environment as plastic straws are.”
Similarly, Victoria was recognized in March for going above and beyond for a hotel guest.
The guest of the Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown wrote that Victoria noticed her
leave a buffet line with a nearly empty plate, and then “discretely asked… if I had dietary
restrictions (I do), and took them down to ensure the chef could prepare me something I
could eat.” In the end, a delicious green salad with quinoa was prepared, and the guest
praised Victoria’s “extra care and concern.”
We had a chance to ask them, as Vancouverites, what sights they recommend:
Victoria recommends going to Stanley Park. “It is an eye of the concrete jungle we live in,”
she says. “As the city grows and gets bigger, Stanley park remains beautiful.”
Max is a huge fan of BC as a whole, so although he is a “huge lover of Vancouver,” he
recommends going beyond the city. He often sends guests “out towards Deep Cove,
Capilano and Lighthouse Park.”
Congratulations Max and Victoria for your Vancouver Tourism Awards, and for being
outstanding citizens and employees. Be sure to visit the Fairmont Pacific Rim and
Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown to say hi to them!