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November 2018 winner Abukar Mohamed with Deputy Mayor Christine Boyle

2018 November Winner

Abukar Mohamed

Park'N Fly Vancouver

Last Saturday I had to meet my friend at Park'N Fly.  She was going to Kelowna for the weekend and would take some Christmast presents with her for my grandchildren.  As usual, my friend was late.  When I mentioned to the workers at Park'N Fly why I was there, they very kindly found me a parking space in a lane.  The whole time I was there they checked up on me to see if I was OK and offered to take the parcels. 

Finally Abukhar came and suggested he had a good parking place for me while I waited and then I could go in and get myself coffee, watch TV, read and in general get warm and comfortable.  He walked me to the parking place that he had for me and asked me to back in my car.  Being a senior with a new car, I told him that I was still uncomfortable backing in and had not gottend used to the back-up camera.  He proceeded to guide me into the parking spot, and then gave me a full lesson on how to use the back-up camera and which lines to look for, etc.  When this was finished he again suggested I get coffee and he would watch out for my friend.  My friend finally came and he told her I was in the lobby and brought in her luggage. 

The service that Abukar gave that day was second to none.  I was amazed at how he could make me understand exactly how the camera worked.  Not only that, but the manager told me he was working in pain, you would never have known from the amazing nature this fellow had.  This man certainly deserves this away.  Such service I  have never had before, expecially since I was not even a Customer.  Thank you.

--Evelyn, Richmond